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Learn Handwriting with Drawing

The  Art of Writing

Unleash your creativity with our innovative handwriting book, seamlessly blending the art of handwriting and drawing. Learn to draw captivating animals and enhance your penmanship by practicing with three intriguing facts about each creature, making the journey both artistic and educational.


About This Book

Develop your child's handwriting and drawing skills with this comprehensive and engaging Learn Handwriting with Drawing Workbook designed for elementary-aged kids. This educational workbook is the perfect tool to help young learners improve their penmanship and master the art of manuscript writing all while learning to create simple sketches. It's a fun and easy way to learn multiple skills at the same time.


Key Features:

  • Manuscript writing practice

  • Step by step drawing instructions

  • Tracing letters and simple drawing

  • Alphabet practice and letter formation

  • Engaging writing exercises and activities

  • Improving fine motor skills and pen control

  • Suitable for elementary-aged kids

  • Educational and interactive learning tool

  • Ideal for home or classroom use

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