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Learn Cursive with Jokes

Make Learning Fun

This book was designed in a way that kids can teach themselves, building their confidence and independence. It’s sneaky learning, but don’t let them know 🤫 This book starts with the very basics, with an entire section for proper posture, pencil holding, and even warm up exercises. Students then move on to the alphabet, connecting letters into words, jokes, and finally riddles. This book is packed!


About This Book

How do you keep someone in suspense? I'll tell you later 🤣

Develop your child's cursive handwriting skills and humor with this comprehensive and engaging Learn Cursive With Jokes Workbook designed for elementary-aged kids. This fun educational workbook is the perfect tool to help young learners improve their penmanship and master the art of cursive writing all while learning some funny jokes. It's a fun and sneaky way to learn 🤫


Key Features:

  • Cursive writing practice

  • Tracing letters in and easy and fun way

  • Alphabet practice and letter formation

  • Engaging writing exercises and activities

  • Improving fine motor skills and pen control

  • Suitable for elementary-aged kids

  • Educational and interactive learning tool

  • Ideal for home or classroom use

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